Education & Communication

QMHOA aims to assist owners of manufactured homes by making education available via our website, our Right Where You Live presentations in individual parks and the production of regular bulletins to members.

QMHOA is a partner in the Government’s Building Consumer Confidence (BCC) Program. The aims of the program are to ensure that home owners in manufactured home parks are well informed about their rights and responsibilities under legislation; and to help them in building their capacity to represent their interests to park owners and others.

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‘Right Where You Live’ presentations

QMHOA (then Associated Residential Parks Queensland Inc.) has been awarded a contract by the Queensland State Government under a program entitled Building Consumer Confidence Program.  This initiative was born out of a realisation that there was a need for tailored educational opportunities for owners of manufactured homes to understand the amendments to the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003 enacted 2017.  This contract was awarded to us in recognition or our commitment to assisting residents to understand and gain access to the new consumer protections in place.

These changes govern both the residents themselves as well as the park owners. To ensure important information is communicated, support provided and referrals to helpful organisations (such as QMHOA) made available, the ‘Right Where You Live’ initiative was introduced. 

The objective of this initiative was to produce, manage and deliver a series of presentations to homeowners, which our team has been working diligently to deliver.

Presentations on retirement living

Our presentations have been designed to provide residents with comprehensive but easily understood information. This information is essential in helping them to appreciate their rights and obligations.

The information sessions also delve into sections of Site Agreements which include more detail about aspects of life in a manufactured homes park. They also provide homeowners with important tools that enable them to successfully pursue matters of concern with park owners in a manner that is informed and empowered.

About our presentations

Our presentations include a comprehensive PowerPoint slideshow which covers all the different and varied aspects of the Act which regulate the many different factors that go into living and leasing in a residential park. For many current or prospective homeowners, these details are not well known or understood.

To correct this, the presentation assists homeowners to gain a better understanding of the issues and empowers them in their interactions with park owners.

Presentations run for approximately 40 minutes and usually are followed by a vibrant question and answer session.

Arranging a presentation in your park

Are you interested in having a QMHOA representative visit your park? Would you like to find out more about your rights and obligations? Do you have fellow residents who might benefit from our presentations on retirement living in Queensland residential parks? Contact Maggi today via email to
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