Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act - Amended June 2024


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QMHOA is a non-profit, volunteer, state-wide organisation developed to help prevent unfair treatment of manufactured home owners.

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QMHOA is devoted to promoting, advance, maintain and safeguard the combined and individual interests of manufactured home owners throughout Queensland.

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Fast Response for Members

The main function of QMHOA over the past 20 + years has been to provide its members with readily available information and assistance when they find themselves in dispute with park operators, or when they simply want to know what their rights or responsibilities are.

QMHOA, through its email, aims to provide members with an initial response within 48 hours (often much sooner) – and members have unlimited use of this service until their problems are resolved.

QMHOA Assistance Service

Your QMHOA Assistance Service is operated by a small group of consultants with many years of experience with the laws that govern Residential Parks. They are familiar with the legislation involved, the complexities of Site Agreements and the various forms needed for matters such as home sales and dispute resolution.

Members can obtain information as to a particular issue, and assistance with compiling forms, reports, help with composing evidence or submissions when a matter goes to the Tribunal or representation or support in Mediation or Hearings.

Many home owners living in Residential Parks may never need the QMHOA Assistance Service but our members agree that it is comforting to know that the service is there if you need it.