Queensland Govt. Forms

Forms for manufactured home owners living in residential parks

Below are various forms that are related to manufactured home owners and linked directly to the QLD Government website that you can download to your computer by right clicking on the link and choosing “Save linked content as…”

Sale and Transfer Forms

Form 1A – Initial disclosure document

The initial disclosure document is intended to provide prospective home owners with preliminary information about a site and residential park before they make a decision about moving into a residential park. Prospective home owners should use this document to shop around and find a manufactured home in a location that suits their needs and budget.

Form 1B – Supplementary disclosure document

This document seeks to ensure that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities under the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003 (the Act). It is one of the key documents designed to help you decide whether to live in a residential park, and also contains information about the facilities available at the residential park.

Form 1C – Precontractual disclosure waiver

Use this document to notify a park owner that you wish to waive your right of the full disclosure period for entering the site agreement.

Form 2 – Site agreement

Home owners and park managers use this form to make a site agreement which must comply with the requirements of Act, and any relevant regulations.

Form 9 – Selling authority

A home owner (or home owners) selling their manufactured home can use this form to authorise the park owner/manager to sell their home on a site in a residential park.

General Forms

Form 6 – Notice to remedy breach

Home owners and park managers use this form to notify the other party that they have broken the site agreement and ask that the problem be fixed.

Form 11 – Dispute negotiation notice

This notice may be used by a park owner or a home owner in a residential park to initiate the dispute negotiation process with another party.

Form 49 - Application for waiver of fees

Application for a fee waiver or appeal fee reduction. QCAT can waive a fee or reduce an appeal fee if it would cause or would be likely to cause you financial hardship.

Application for review of decision

Fair Trading Inspectors Act 2014 • Section 74 • An Act to provide for the powers of inspectors under legislation about fair trading.

Termination Notices

Form 3A – Termination for site agreement by home owner in cooling-off period

This form can be used by a new home owner to terminate a site agreement during the cooling-off period. The completed and signed form must be given to the park owner and any financier who has been granted a security interest in the manufactured home on the site

Form 3B – Termination notice of assignment agreement – by home owner in cooling-off period

This form can be used by a home owner/s to terminate an assignment agreement during the cooling-off period. An assignment agreement is an agreement between a seller and a buyer for the assignment of the seller’s interest under a site agreement to the home owner (‘buyer’).

Form 4 – Termination notice—by mutual agreement

A home owner (or home owners) and the park owner/manager complete this form when both parties agree to terminate the site agreement. Before signing this form, you should seek independent legal advice from an independent and experienced Queensland lawyer.

Form 5 – Termination notice - by home owner

A home owner (or home owners) can complete this form and give it to the park owner/manager to give notice that they wish to terminate the site agreement. Give this notice to the park owner/manager no later than 28 days before the agreement is to be terminated.

Assignment Notices

Form 7 – Notice of proposed assignment

A home owner wishing to sell a manufactured home (seller) and assign (transfer) the seller’s interest in a site agreement to the buyer must give this completed form to the park owner. Within 7 days of receiving this form, the park owner must give the buyer a copy of the precontractual disclosure documents for the site, as per S1 of the Act.

Form 8 – Form of assignment (transfer)

This form must be used when a home owner (seller) wants to assign (transfer) their interest in a site agreement to a person who wants to buy their manufactured home (buyer). The seller, buyer and the park owner must complete and sign two copies of this form. The park owner must not unreasonably refuse to consent to the assignment.