The Argus May-June 2022

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The latest ARPQ Argus Newsletter is ready for your reading pleasure.

Sharing information and keeping homeowners in residential (manufactured home) parks well informed is an important part why the ARPQ exists. 

Content highlights this newsletter include:

  • “12 Residential Park Reforms ARPQ Would Like To See.” – details of changes to the legislation ARPQ will be advocating for;
  • “Get Ready to Have Your Say.” – details of the opportunities we expect there to be for homeowners to make their voice heard about the sort of reforms to legislation they want to see;
  • “Home Owners Committees” a guide to information on the ARPQ website about home owners committees; and
  • “ARPQ’s ‘Right Where You Live’ Fact Sheets” – Where to access ARPQ’s 12 Fact Sheets on the Manufactured Homes Act.
ARPQ Management Committee, 26 June 2022

# We ask all members receiving the Argus Newsletter to consider printing a copy and sharing it in some way with your neighbours and friends who are not yet members.