Recognition of Residential Manufactured Home Parks as Communities for Seniors

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Residential manufactured home parks are generally recognised as providing accommodation for older people.  Many parks are advertised as being “Over 50’s Lifestyle Villages” and as a good option for “Retirement Living”. 

However in Queensland it is illegal to prevent younger people and younger families buying a home in a manufactured home park even if it is advertised and widely recognised designed for only older people. If park owners were to refuse to allow a younger person to live in their park they would be seen as contravening the Anti-Discrimination Act, 1991.

This is not the case for Retirement Villages in Queensland.  There are exemptions to the Anti-Discrimination Act built into legislation which make it possible for them to “positively discriminate” and only allow older people live in them.

ARPQ believes that seniors who pay a premium for the security associated with living in safe community of similar aged people, believe that they would be disadvantaged if some Park Owners were prepared to sell to younger people. This would not least be the case because of the threat that it could pose to the value of their home and the possibility of greater site rent increases.

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Your ARPQ Committee13 May 2022