QMHOA Special Bulletin April 2023 Survey Results

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Survey of Manufactured Home Owners in 2022

Summary of Results

Dear Members,

When we met with the Associate Director General of Housing early in March we requested the release of the results of the Residents Survey that over two thousand home owners had submitted responses to in July/August 2022.  A summary of the findings of the survey has now been released by the Department. A copy of it that can be downloaded and printed as a .pdf document can be found by clicking the link below.

Click here to see the Summary of Survey Results.

Copies of this Bulletin and the Survey Results document will be posted on the ARPQ and MHOA websites, which are running in parallel pending the development of a new QMHOA site in the next few months.

Thank you very much to all of the QMHOA members who submitted responses to the survey. Amongst other things the results show that:

  • There is strong concern amongst home owners about the impact that increasing site rents are having or could in the future have, on their financial security and overall wellbeing;
  • That these concerns are well justified, with significant numbers of them already paying a large enough proportion of their incomes in site rents to put them into, or close to, a situation where they cannot afford other items, some of them essentials, that they need to ensure their wellbeing in their retirement years.
  • That a large majority of home owners believe that the way site rent increases are worked out is unfair; and a smaller but still significant proportion of them unhappy with the processes in place around selling their homes.

This kind of evidence will help considerably in our campaign to ensure that the reforms to the Manufactured Homes Act, currently being worked on by the Government, really do make a difference for the better for home owners in manufactured home residential parks.

QMHOA Interim Management Committee
– 12 April 2023

Sharing information and keeping homeowners in residential manufactured home parks well informed is an important part why the QMHOA exists.

# We ask all members receiving information from us to consider printing a copy and sharing it in some way with your neighbours and friends who are not yet members.

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