QMHOA Special Bulletin 14 June 2023 – C-RIS Draft Feedback Response

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QMHOA Special Bulletin 14 June 2023

Summary version of QMHOA’s DRAFT response to the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (C-RIS) addressing concerns about site rent increases and sale of homes.

14 June 2023

Dear Members

This Special Bulletin contains links to two documents:

1. A summary version of QMHOA’s draft response to the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (C-RIS) addressing concerns about site rent increases and sale of homes;


2. A guide to how QMHOA would complete the Department’s C-RIS Feedback Form


Our purposes in sharing these this time are twofold.

Firstly we wish to give our members the opportunity to comment and make suggestions which will help to ensure the document best reflects the views of our membership.

Secondly, we wish you, our members, to be aware of the views of the QMHOA committee members (who have played a leading role in negotiating and advocating with the Government for reforms to the Act) on the proposals which the Department has chosen to include in the C-RIS. We very much hope that if you agree with the positions we have taken you will support and advocate for them in the responses you send to the Department.

The Draft Response document attached has been shortened and the final version will contain more evidence to support the positions we take.

The Guide document is intended to let members know how we would respond to the main questions posed in the Feedback Form and ask them to consider responding in a similar way. In places we have indicated that you refer to our draft response to find the type of comments we would make in response to questions asked.

Please remember that you can respond and make your views on the C-RIS proposal count either by making a written submission or by filling in the Departments Feedback Form. You can of course do both if you wish to get your message across more strongly.

The QMHOA Committee hopes that as many home owners as possible will take this opportunity to make their views clear to the Government on the proposals that have been put forward. We also look forward to receiving your feedback on the draft response we have shared with you.

Please send them to us at president@qmhoa.org.au or click on the pink button below.

Roger Marshall | President
Queensland Manufactured Home Owners Association Inc.
Interim Management Committee


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Sharing information and keeping homeowners in residential manufactured home parks well informed is an important part why the QMHOA exists.

We ask all members receiving information from us to consider printing a copy and sharing it in some way with your neighbours and friends who are not yet members.

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