QMHOA Letter to Qld Ministers, October 2023

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QMHOA News Bulletin October 2023

Letter To Qld MPs Re Changes To The Manufactured Homes Act

20 October 2023

As members will recall, it is now some months since the Department of Housing received submissions with feedback on the proposals for changes to the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act which were made in the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (C-RIS) that was published in May 2023. 

Based on what was said by Minister Scanlan when we met with her in July, we believe that by now there will be discussions amongst MPs in their party rooms and probably by members of the Cabinet about what a final set of proposals for changes to the Act will look like. We expect that details of these will then be published for final public consultation in a Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (D-RIS) prior to any changes being considered by parliament.

We have recently written to all Queensland’s MPs asking that when this matter is discussed in their party room and finally in Parliament, that they carefully consider a 2-page document we attached to our letter which outlines in brief the QMHOA position on the options and recommendations put forward in the C-RIS paper. We also encourage you to read our complete response on our website for greater detail of our concerns.

If you are a QMHOA member this bulletin and the following detailed information was sent directly to your email box.

  • A copy of the letters sent by QMHOA to MPs
  • A copy of the 2-page Summary of QMHOA’s position as sent to MPs
  • A copy of QMHOA’s full response to the June 2023 C-RIS referred to in our letter to MPs

A copy of QMHOA’s full response to the June 2023 C-RIS, referred to in our letter to MPs, can be found here.


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