Bulletin – March 2022 – Buying or Selling a Manufactured Home?

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We are sure that this bulletin will be of interest to all our members and potential members, especially to anyone who is contemplating either selling or buying an existing home in a manufactured home park.

The ARPQ is aware that it is the current practice among some residential park owners to insist or even demand that a new contract (site agreement) be entered into by the buyer rather than the buyer taking over the assignment of the previous owner’s site agreement.  This usually disadvantages both the seller and the buyer in several ways. We believe that this practice is not allowed under the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act – 2003 (the Act).

Our February bulletin explains both what we believe the process should be and the advantages to both the seller and the buyer of it for both the seller and the buyer.

ARPQ Committee – 2 March 2022

# Members are encouraged to share copies of this and other information bulletins and newsletters received from ARPQ with their neighbours and other residents in their park.

picture of a manufactured home