Bulletin – January 2020 – More changes needed to the Act!

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Whilst the intent of the previous round of amendments to the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act (the Act) were admirable, in that they were clearly formulated to deliver a degree of fairness to Home
Owners and reinforce the provisions of the Act in achieving its main object which is ‘to protect Home Owners from unfair business practices’. For various reasons the reality is those amendments have not fully delivered on that intent, and in a small number of cases the situation has got worse.

In addition to there being ‘unintended consequences’ arising from the amendments that detrimentally affect Home Owners, there are fundamental and underlying issues that were not addressed during the amendment process and some that arose during the Public Works and Utilities Committee (PWUC) review of the proposed amendments, but which were not adopted by Parliament.

Over the past few months, we have been in discussion with various staff members of the Department on
these matters and have been invited to write to you to bring them to your attention. The timing of this
approach was considered appropriate bearing in mind the work the Department will be doing over the next few months in preparing input to the Government’s 2020 – 2023 Housing Strategy document.

ARPQ Committee – 14th January 2020

Click HERE to read our full letter to the Minister for Housing and Publick Works