Bulletin – August 2022 ARPQ Final Response to the Issues Paper for Consultation with Stakeholders

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FINAL version for information available here!

We wish to share with home owners a copy of the final submitted version of the ARPQ’s response to the Issues Paper for Consultation with Stakeholders published by the Department as part of the Review of Site Rent Increases and Sale of Homes in Residential Parks.

Click on the green button below to find a pdf of the final version.

In our response we have endeavoured to convey the perspective of the large numbers of home owners we meet and interact with around the state on the matters that are of greatest of concern to them. We have also put forward ideas on options for reform that we believe that home owners would like given serious consideration in the next stages of the reform process.

There are a number of differences between this version and the draft version that was shared on our website in July as a result of amendments that were made based on feedback we received from home owners. These include:

  • Broader discussion of home owners’ concerns about how site rent increases are currently determined (see pages 2 to 9) and additional options for changes to legislation governing the methods that are used which we believe would be fairer and more equitable (see page 9)
  • An addition to the section of the response on Security of Tenure raising the issue of the implications for home owners if the owner of their park was to declare bankruptcy and go into receivership (see page 15)
  • An additional concern about some limitations on the role that Home Owners Committees can play in assisting home owners due to the way the legislation is currently framed (see page 16.)


Roger Marshall,  President, 

on behalf of ARPQ Committee

20 August 2022