ARPQ – MHOA Joint Bulletin January 2023

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Dear Members,

Welcome to our first bulletin of 2023 which happens to be a joint bulletin between amalgamating organisations ARPQ and MHOA.

Our January issue has an update on how the the amalgamation formalisation is progressing; all positive.

Read all about the following in the Bulletin:

  • Amalgamation progresses to form QMHOA
  • Amalgamation documentation lodged with the Office of Fair Trading
  • Interim Committee planning integration of the two organisations
  • Membership renewals
  • Promised reforms for manufactured home owners
  • How many manufactured home residential parks are in Qld
  • Who can bring a dispute to QCAT

ARPQ Management Committee
(Part of the QMHOA Interim Committee)
– 26 January 2023

Sharing information and keeping homeowners in residential (manufactured home) parks well informed is an important part why the ARPQ exists.

# We ask all members receiving the Argus Newsletter to consider printing a copy and sharing it in some way with your neighbours and friends who are not yet members.